Yashtimadhu Oil (Natural Moisturizer) 60ml

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Acts as a natural moisturizer that softens and prevents drying of skin.

Sesame oil as base

Helps improve skin glow and skin tone.
Acts as a natural moisturizer that softens and prevents drying of skin.
Its cooling properties help in skin problems with burning sensations.
As nasal drops, it helps reduce sinusitis, nasal congestion, and headaches.
Helps heal lacerated wounds

When applied on a particular area or for a full-body-massage: Apply lukewarm oil on the target area or on the entire body (as needed) and massage 1 hr before bathing or before going to bed..
As a nasal drop: (1) Lie down on your back and massage the face gently with the oil for a few minutes.(2) While protecting the eyes, warm the face with lukewarm cloth.(3) Place a pillow behind you to tilt the head backwards and prepare for nasal drops in a lying-down position. (4) Apply 2 drops of oil into each nostril and massage the nose area and the area around the eyes to enhance absorption. (5) Return to normal position and relax (6) Spit out the oil if any comes into the mouth and wash the mouth with lukewarm water. (It is safe even if the oil reaches the paranasal sinuses or the throat as the oil contains just natural sesame oil and liquorice. As with any other food, just avoid contaminating the oil prior to use).

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