BEAULIFE INC. (“Beaulife”) is a prime provider of natural health food, herbal,
nutrition, dietary supplements, and wellness products from outstanding
manufacturers all over the world. We at BEAULIFE governed by principles of
exceptional concern and value for customers.


It was October 30, 2006 when BEAULIFE first entered the business of bringing all-
natural and herbal healthcare products into the country. Coming into a competitive
landscape that is flooded with “artificial” and “synthetic” merchandize that claim
to produce “immediate” results, we immediately recognized that there was an
inherent lack of “trustworthy and natural” products by our standards in the

Artificial and Synthetic

Think of steroids. People can take an entire day justifying the benefits of its
use, but they will never be able to deny the fact that these benefits come with
significant risks – risks which are unnecessary at times; risks that are certainly
magnified when coupled with misuse by a user. Unfortunately, these risks extend
beyond steroids. These risks are also evidently present in similar synthetic
products that disrupts our body’s systems – sleeping pills and weight loss
products to name a few. Not surprisingly, the “acceptability” of the disruption in
our body by such synthetic products has been subject to continuous dispute for
decades. Amidst all of these, however, one thing is clear:the possibility for
things to go “horribly wrong” for users.

We simply want to share our “peace of mind”

Truth be told, we (the Management) were the first users of the company’s products.
We wanted products that supplement our well-being, but we also wanted to avoid
unnecessary risks – God gave us only one body and we were adamant on taking good
care of it. However, rather than spending countless hours nitpicking the
ingredients and formulations of existing products for use in our daily regimen, we
decided to create our own set of sought-after natural products. Natural products
created “by us and for us”. It made us feel satisfied and more importantly,safe.
Later on, we realized that our friends (and the people around them) also shared
the same sentiments and concerns. These friends of ours also wanted products that
gave them results AND peace of mind – it is at this point that we found our
calling, our raison d’être. Born from our desire to share our “peace of mind” with
our friends, BEAULIFE reflects our history of genuine camaraderie towards our goal
of attaining results while avoiding risks. The products of BEAULIFE are products
made for ourselves, our friends, and our friends’ friends – YOU.

As proof of our commitment to share our peace of mind, Powertrim™ (BEAULIFE INC’s
pioneer product) has reached the status of being one of the most outstanding and
most admired natural slimming brands in the country – this amidst the intense
competition in the market.

To this day, we continue to operate by the same calling and sense of purpose that
led our growth. Growth fueled by the desire to share our “peace of mind” and
growth fueled by continuous support from you and our friends in our endeavor.

Health problems have continued to haunt mankind since time immemorial. Today,
various diseases have plagued the world. A vast majority of human diseases include
cardiovascular disease, arthritis, cancer, strokes, diabetes, and infections.
Eating the right food and taking nutritional supplements can make a big difference
in your health. In connection to this, questions arise as to how one can obtain
and maintain good health.

Today, supplements have proven to be an answer. They are one of the most widely
used means to enhance and compliment the nutrition found in the food we eat and
the metabolic functions that our body performs. Scientific evidence reveals that
proper use of supplements improve health and prolongs life. BEAULIFE offers the
best supplements at a lower price, without compromising quality. We do our best to
give both results and peace of mind as to the quality of our products. As we
always say: the products of BEAULIFE are products made for ourselves, our friends,
and our friends’ friends – YOU.

Ms. Racquel B. Baluyot

To bring world-class-quality natural health food, herbal nutrition, wellness, and
dietary supplement products with reliable formulations that provide real benefits
– all with a reasonable price. We focus on offering you unique products that will
make your choice easier, improve your well-being, and give you peace of mind as to
their quality. Our greatest concern is the integrity of our products for the
well-being and peace of mind of users – us, our friends, and you.

BEAULIFE commits itself along with its networks and affiliates to provide quality
and affordable products with formulas that are natural and results that are real.

Import Focused. BEAULIFE’s products are created by Good Manufacturing Practice
(“GMP”) accredited laboratories situated around the globe. In addition, the
company has global partners that make it possible to manufacture and distribute
its products.

Quality Centered. In light of the countless healthcare products that have surfaced
over the past decade, BEAULIFE distinguishes itself from competition by providing
uncompromising quality and truthful formulation in its products. Our practice also
insures that our patented products are sold only by accredited centers and leading

Proactively Engaged. BEAULIFE favors the prevention of illnesses. Nevertheless, we
continuously endeavor to search for the best means in obtaining and maintaining
good health.

About Powertrim

Burns fats faster

Boosts metabolism

Increases energy and performance for longer exercise.

Natural antioxidant
Enhances mental performance

Increases muscle mass and improve lean muscles.

Stabilizes blood sugar and eliminate cravings for carbohydrates.

POWERTRIM L-Carnitine & Green Tea Extract supplementation helps maximize your workout performance by helping the body produce energy from fat. POWERTRIM transports fatty acids into the cells’ fuel burning centers (mitochondria) where they are burned as energy. Studies have shown that L-Carnitine reduces the effects of aging and depression, increases heart and kidney function, memory, metabolism and weight loss – overall resulting in a longer and healthier life. Green tea extract is a well known potent antioxidant that increases thermogenesis and oxidizes fat!

About Ayurveda
What is Ayurveda
Ayurveda – “Ayur” means “Life” while “Veda” means knowledge. Originating in India, Ayurveda is the science that deals with complete knowledge of life. It represents a “lifestyle” that has been developed through thousands of years of experimenting and research and has formed a major part of India’s culture. Its products are used as “home remedy” not only by ordinary people living in villages, but also by well-educated and sophisticated individuals living in urban areas – including specialized hospitals, consultants, and spas. It is used throughout the world especially in Japan, Australia, Germany, and Canada.

Why Ayurveda?
Ayurveda is widely accepted since, in addition to being effective, it considered as a safer alternative to taking synthetic or chemical reliant medications/drugs such as sleeping pills and strong antibiotics. Ayurveda can also be tailored and modified to be compatible with different users’ cultures and geographical locations. As mentioned before, the result is the wide acceptance of Ayurveda and its practices throughout the world – including the Philippines. Demand for Ayurvedic services is projected to substantially increase especially since one of the leading causes of major illnesses in the country is related to lifestyle disorder.

Who benefits?
1)Health enthusiasts who advocate the use of natural ingredients and aim to minimize unwanted side effects. For instance, those who wish to feel relaxed or prepare themselves for sleep without resorting to sleeping pills.

2)People who avoid the use of allopathic medicines that treat only symptoms instead of the root causes.

3)Proponents of Ayurveda which primarily promote maintenance of good health, rather than cure. These include Ayurvedic (e.g. detoxification) centers and clinics, as well as massage service providers. Premium quality herbal oils are needed to deliver quality services in these establishments.

4)Households experiencing problems related to (or aiming to maintain the health of) their skin, complexion, joints, hair, and overall body.

Why prefer us?
A) Authenticity and Branding
We are the REAL DEAL. Unlike the already-limited providers of Ayurvedic products in the Philippines, our products take pride in being developed by world-renowned experts. At the helm of our production team of experts is none other than Dr. Sukumar S. Saredeshmukh, a world-renowned expert in the field of medicine and a Pulse Reading master who represents the 11th generation in his family of doctors specializing in Ayurveda.

Alongside his father and grandfather, Dr. Sukumar has created India’s FIRST integrated cancer research hospital which has been recognized both nationally and internationally for its success in the comprehensive treatment of cancer. In addition they have multiple Panchakarma (detoxification) centers around the country which host patients from around the globe for a process of total regeneration and healing.

A visionary, Dr. Sukumar travels worldwide to share the ancient science of Ayurveda in accessible and practical ways that bring benefits to so many lives. Institutions such as the Tata Group (one of India’s largest conglomerates, receiver of numerous global business awards) donated an entire hospital to Dr. Sukumar in recognition of his efforts and expertise in the field of medicine. On January 2016, Dr. Sukumar went to Mexico to serve as a Haramara Retreat Leader and an Ayurvedic consultant for the 30 richest people in the United States of America.

B) Esteemed Production Management
Our production team constantly performs research to strive for innovation of its already potent set of end products. Our products undergo intense scrutiny and are all produced in India, the origin of Ayurvedic practice.

The production site sits in the same location as the plantation from which the necessary ingredients are grown to ensure real-time supervision of the whole production process.

The production management, comprised of doctors sworn to Ayurvedic principles, ABSOLUTELY prohibits the use of any “synthetic” or “unnatural” ingredient. The production management of Dr. Sukumar consists of a team of highly trained doctors with years of experience specializing in Ayurveda.

Our production team of doctors own and manage hospitals and schools that grant degrees and PHDs in Ayurvedic medicine and surgery in India. Their facilities in India boasts specializations in various areas including (but not limited to) Panchakarma, yoga, general health and beauty consultations, cancer treatment and research, and AIDS treatment and research. They not only produce the Ayurvedic products, they also use them in their teachings and profession. These same doctors personally manage and oversee the herbal gardens and plantation of Ayurvedic herbs at the production site.

C) Exclusivity and Experience
We, at BEAULIFE INC., are the exclusive distributor of products developed by Dr. Sukumar’s team. No other company has access to these products and no other production team carry an equivalent weight in terms of authenticity and branding such as ours.

BEAULIFE INC. has extensive experience in distributing health products as a prime provider of natural health food, herbal nutrition, dietary supplements, and wellness products from outstanding manufacturers all over the world. We are governed by principles of exceptional concern and value for customers – our company’s cornerstones.

As proof of our commitment to total quality, Powertrim™ (BEAULIFE INC’s pioneer product) has reached the status of being one of the most outstanding and most admired natural slimming brands in the country despite its premium pricing – this amidst the intense competition in the market. Powertrim™ has been in the market for over seven (7) years and is available through Watsons and Mercury Drug stores.